Volunteer And Stay For FREE In Chile

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Enjoy the natural beauty of Chile with "Thomas the Globetrotter"

Come stay on my land in the Chilean wilderness ,  volunteer to make the place more livable, and stay for FREE!  No gimmicks , no bullshit ,  absolutely no money required , just pay  your own  way  to  get  there and bring some food ....My name is Thomas, I am  from  Holland  , I  travelled  around  the  world  several times and  came  across  this  natural paradise in Patagonia , Chile. I fell in  love  with the valley , the  waterfalls , the  untouched jungle ( Selva fria )Please click ON the photo for full view !

 I am  active  and  enterprising , in no way lazy , but  I need  help  building  log  cabins , perfecting  my  dams  ,  turbines and  windgenerators  to  make  electricity . I also  bought materials  to  build  a katamaran and heaps  of tools  for all  kinds  of  mad scientist   projects , whatever  comes to mind  to  improve  the simple standard of living here . I own this beach right  on  the  estuary . No neighbors to complain  about my  choice of  music . ( Rolling Stones and  Reggae )  Tolerance , freedom and peace of mind .  Plenty of fishing , seafood ,  swimming   kayaking  and  more .  Dolphins  and  curious sealions often  come spy on  us  strange human beings .  I heard a ferocious roar of  a  PUMA  a while  ago  , it  was  toooo  close to my cabin and scared  the  shit out of  me  ....but  the  Chilenos nonchalantly say the PUMA doesn´t  bother  people ....I sure  hope  they  are  right  !  How is  your  Spanish ...I can  help  you  with  that  too  .........All  I  need  is  a  few  helping  hands  as  the  challenges  of  survival in pure  unadulterated  nature  are  many .  Come see . Adelante. Bienvenidos  !  Please click ON the MAP for full view ! I do however insist people contact me at globetrottter@hushmail.com and introduce themselves before coming. Then I can inform you better ,  advise and explain..........

Welcome any season , HOW to get there ......

Arrive in  Santiago  the  capital of  Chile  , some airpolution and  smog  like  most  modern cities  .  Take  an  overnight bus from TERMINAL de BUSES   to  Puerto Montt , leaves 7 PM arrives 9 AM ( several lines ),  fairly comfortable usually  costs  20$ . Nice little town . I can recommend  a very honest hostel  near the  TERMINAL de BUSES which costs 10,  $  On Saturday morning take a bus to Quellon  ( Southern tip of island of Chiloe )  6 hours , 14$ . Only Saturday night 7PM there is a  ferry ( barcassa ) to Raul Marin B, arriving 9 AM  ( cost 15, $ ) .......if you take  a  sleeping bag you might just sleep comfortably on deck , but if raining stay seated in large room with lots  fishermen and  locals . Guard your belongings as you would  in  any  country. Arriving in Puerto Raul Marin B. contact Jaime Valencia who will direct you to el Holandes , Thomas Mateo . This involves another ride in a  boat ...perhaps with a fisherman heading that  direction . There are no regular services in this part of the world , relax ...time passes  differently  here .....

Smile , reaching my land , I am at your service , I believe in true hospitality ...which is not a money game .I have plenty seafood but ask people to bring some fruit ...if there is a  specific treat you cannot do without ...better carry it  with you as  shopping becomes more difficult  in small communities .  However I cannot handle large groups at once so please contact me before coming ....for additional advice and information 


Donīt hesitate to contact me at globetrottter@hotmail.com

Click ON the map to see my location , or check GOOGLE EARTH

Latitude 43 degrees 46´ 6.9 "      South

Longitude 72 degrees 52´ 4.5 "     West


In  the  southern hemisphere December and  January  are  SUMMER months   , long stretched out days with 14 hours of  sunlight  ,  hot and  sometimes bothersome flies .July and  August  are winter , short days with limited sunlight , maybe 6 hours a day .....a  bit  depressing   The  best  times  to  come  fall and/or spring  . The peaks of the surrounding  mountains  are snow covered almost year round but at sea level  lovely climate ,  neither  hot nor cold . Just fill your lungs  with fresh air rejuvinating  LIFE

This last sentence is not valid anymore  as criminal elements in jets are poisoning us with CHEMTRAILS  nowadays.

( with the excuse of global warming ) 

If you fail to notice chemtrails and fail to study the destruction these criminals are causing on purpose ....then you don't really care about nature or mother earth .